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"The Jam Academy was truly the best place for me. It's the reason I got into the university I wanted (Urdang Academy), to pursue my dream career. Not only did I learn so much at JAM, but I was also put in a safe environment to grow and develop.

I was surrounded by people who really cared about my progress. The diversity of skills I gained, and having the opportunity to be taught by industry professionals was amazing. The whole JAM experience has built me up for so many life situations, auditions and now university. I can’t thank JAM enough for their constant support and guidance."

“JAM Theatre introduced me to something that no other form of education could aspire to be. It integrated me further into the workings of the entertainment industry, in a way that enabled me to complete the coursework but also concentrate on the shows and work at hand. I can’t think of any better way to spend two years training before moving into RADA. JAM still continues to inspire me each day, and while I finish my course at RADA, I am constantly finding that I’m using their training in the work I produce and on work in the West End and on tour.”

“The training at JAM was outstanding and unparalleled anywhere in the area. Even now in my training at URDANG ACADEMY I'm being told things which I had already learnt at The Jam Academy putting me one step ahead of my peers already. It's completely brilliant in preparing you to advance in the competitive industry of performing. Definitely took me exactly where I wanted to be today.”



“When I started JAM at the age of 11, I had no idea how much I would learn and grow. Jo and Mark saw in me even more than I knew existed! Through their encouragement and the excellent training from their teachers, I have now graduated from URDANG ACADEMY and about to embark on a world tour as a dancer. I can’t actually believe I am living a life I had only dreamt of. THANK YOU for believing in me JAM!”

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

Jam Theatre Studios


"I always felt creatively stifled at school but JAM helped me to discover who I am and what I wanted to be. I was able to push my boundaries to create new skills, some of which, I hadn’t realised were of any interest to me.

I had the ability to walk out of a dance class, straight into a set design workshop and then on to filming my own project. The amount of expertise I was able to explore at my time in JAM was incredible and has already proven helpful in my life in the creative industry, as I’m sure it will continue to do so!

The most interesting thing about JAM, is not just that you're learning and thriving in a creative environment but that you're being taught by teachers that have worked in the industry, understand what you need and most of all love to teach! I cannot express how amazing it is to have someone that is so passionate and experienced, teach you the skills you love."

“During my two years at JAM ACADEMY, I wasn’t just a student in a class room or a performer in a studio: I've been a part of a family. At JAM I discovered so much more than I could possibly ask for: not just gaining the huge amounts of knowledge being taught by industry professionals but also discovering more about myself and the life skills crucial for a successful future. I never thought I would be able to go to university and get a degree, but that’s exactly what I wanted, and what I am doing.

The JAM ACADEMY isn’t just a school, but a way of life. I'm lucky to have had such a reliable, trustworthy network to support me.”

Drama Degree


LUCY MOREAU Events/Music Business

“When I joined The Jam Academy, I was under confident and couldn't build up the courage to perform in front of others. The teachers were able to work with me and bring out my potential in no time at all and I felt comfortable on stage and so much better prepared. Through the wide variety of subjects taught at Jam, I discovered a passion for the technical theatre sides.

I loved working behind the show, getting everything ready, and creating a show from scratch. This became a real love for me and thanks to the training and experience that JAM has given me, I am currently studying at LIPA, doing Events, Music and Entertainment Management. I am in love with what I do here and I don't think any of it would be possible without JAM.”

Events Management


LUCY MOREAU Events/Music Business

“Some people train everyday since the age of 3 to get into places like Laines, Urdang, and Bird. thanks to the quality of Jam’s training, I managed to get into URDANG ACADEMY at 16, with a full scholarship having attended jam just a few classes a week.

They didn’t have THE JAM ACADEMY at that time, but believe me if they had, I would have been there!”

Musical Theatre


LUCY MOREAU Events/Music Business

"Training at The Jam Academy was honestly one of the best decisions I ever made. Over the two years that I studied there, I was amazed by just how many incredible opportunities we were given. JAM helped me develop as a performer and as a person.

Being in such a safe, loving environment really helped my confidence to grow and gave me the self belief I needed to get through my auditions! JAM truly is one big family, with everyone (staff and students) supporting each other in every way possible.

Because of this inspiring atmosphere I was desperate to get to school each morning and was gutted when it was the holidays! One of the first things we were taught at JAM was about how individual we all are and it was the first place I felt I could just be me.

Now that I’m at drama school, studying acting full time, I can fully appreciate how high the level of training was at The Jam Academy and I couldn't have been any better prepared."

Musical Theatre

LUCY MOREAU Events/Music Business


The Jam Academy

The Jam Academy

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